Friday, 7 August 2015

August 2015 Week 1 Session 1

The HUUB pull buoy arrived in today's post and so I took a few hours off work to start on the next 8 week swimming block. This block is centred on arm work, especially the vertical forearm and so the kit list is reduced to snorkel and the pull buoy (PB). A  bit easier to transport than the training fins.

A stock image from HUUB
After the warm up I had a few sets of acclimatisation and then 14x 100m with the first half with snorkel and the second half without. My times were much faster than without the PB but more importantly I was able to focus on a  reach and find time to think about my forearm positioning. I was able to stay within the rest interval and oddly I even started to get a bit cool - I suppose because I wasn't using my legs.

My final cool-down set was done without the PB and that was awful - it felt as if my legs were hauled into the depths of the pool! I can see why PB training is controversial as although I've had great arm workout and been able to focus on stroke technique I've been misled into my speed. I think I'll do a few floating drills next session to focus on keeping my legs up without the need to kick. The PB has really highlighted the importance of streamlining to me.

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