Tuesday 4 August 2015

August 8 week review

This morning I was in East Acton for my 8 week review. I had to admit that I'd not kept up with the previous plan and that I was acutely aware of lack of progress. That sounds very negative but I could report some gains too. Julian noted that my legs were still dropping and acting as an anchor. After some discussion about my training goals, which had to include an agreement that my technique would never be 'textbook', we agreed that it was reasonable to use a pull buoy for training. This would replicate the buoyancy of a wetsuit which is fine since I stated that I'd like to be strong enough to try an open water swim.

For most of the session that followed I used a large pull buoy  that provided enough lift to streamline me. This week's 400m time trial was just over 9 minutes so 10% faster than 2 months ago. That doesn't sound all that much especially since I was aided by a float.

Fair catch on left arm, but aren't they weedy arms?
The second major issue is my weak catch where I'm still struggling to get a vertical forearm. A little practice, especially with a snorkel so that I didn't need to think about breathing, gave some progress. I do have a problem of over thinking but if I don't concentrate what little technique I have fades away.

My new programme is based around the pull buoy and forearm positioning with some speed and endurance sets thrown in. 

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