Saturday, 29 August 2015

August 2015 Week 4 Session 1

This swim was hard work. First, it's my third swim in five days and my arms were distinctly tired. Second the pool was moderately busy so I had trouble maintaining my pace. Sometimes I had to slow up, occasionally I made an effort to go past.

The body of the swim was 6x 233m with snorkel for the first half to reinforce technique. The pace for the blocks was reasonable considering that I covered 1400m.

After the sets I did two cooldown lengths. A length of legs only was awful, I barely moved forwards and had to abandon it. It was notable though that my legs were high as I could feel my feet breaking the surface. Then finishing off with arms and legs was even worse. Using the pull buoy is great until you stop; at that point it's as if you're being pulled to the bottom of the pool.

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