Thursday 6 August 2015

Easy does it

This is a clear tapering rest week. Yesterday I ran to circuits in a fair time and today went around the runs at a pretty average pace. Today I'd really hoped to go for a swim but it didn't work out around appointments.

The main thing about today's run was that I added the very thin footbeds from my Ultra 290 shoes into the size 9.5 RocLite 315s. I was hoping that the slight extra height would prevent pressure around the right lateral malleolus. It might have worked a little but at the cost of reduced height in the toe box, so not a clear improvement. I've now got myself in the 'too many choices' footwear wise for the Intro Ultra. I'm also full of aches and sore spots, not just the usual left knee and right ankle. I really wish that I knew what's going in with the ankle! Looking back through the blog the ankle/peroneus has been an issue for best part of 4 months now. That's not good especially as, if anything, it's become worse over the last few weeks.

Hopefully these are just pre-event niggles. I must try to be positive.

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