Friday 10 January 2014

An ultra-ultra journey

Today I I had been invited to deliver a lecture in London and arrived early as I always hope to do. That gave me an opportunity to visit Stanfords and browse maps. Naturally I left with three and have enjoyed scanning them on my train journey home.

One of them was a very ordinary OS map of Cannock Chase; quite a few trail events are held there and I've often driven through and wondered what countryside lay either side of the road. A map of Tenerife was simply for background knowledge as my parents had visited a year or so ago and suggested to me that there were lots of outdoor activities available. The third came from a large display that caught my eye.

From the website of the publisher, Deep Books
As a long distance route this appealed and I can appreciate the self-reflection that would arise through 5 weeks of travel. I was pleased to see on wikipedia that the presiding authorities recognise that heathens may undertake the route without a belief in the divine nature of Saint James. The vast numbers (hundreds of thousands per annum) that complete the pilgrimage though makes it seem almost run-of-the-mill and perhaps a bit too popular!

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