Tuesday 28 January 2014

Just one more km

My pace on my 'Dore Loop' has improved substantially over the 10 months or so that I've been running it. In fairness, early on the roads were snowy, but even ignoring that I've progressed steadily and what used to take just over an hour is now below 58 minutes. So this evening's goal was to add around 1km to the route, acknowledging that the time will then exceed an hour and then to work on it for 6 months or so to get it within the hour. I'm hoping to achieve this by picking sections and working on them to improve my pace until the sum of the whole route is faster. 

When I set out the weather was mediocre at best but I was glad of wearing my 'good' jacket as at the extension along Baslow Road sleet started and continued until I reached Dore village. The extension was a little over 1km but was forced upon me by the railings in the centre of the road.

I wad very pleased with my performance as even with this addition I achieved an average pace better than 5min/km.  

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