Saturday 11 January 2014

Time to retreat

Today I'd planned to do around 28km as  a long slow run, probably via Stannage. After a pleasant forecast and a mild few km the light drizzle turned to horizontal snow. Moreover, this occurred just as I reached the edge of the moorland, knowing that the most exposed stretch, but hard underfoot (so probably slowing my pace) was yet to come. Due to the forecast and weather on departure I was terribly under-dressed and under-equipped in my pack. 

There was no alternative to turning around and heading for home, taking as much as a sheltered route as possible. It was still 8km home and as much of it was downhill I was bitterly cold when I reached shelter. I know from bitter experience that I cool very quickly once cold and damp and so I just had to keep going.

After a hot shower and drink I felt much happier, especially as by then the sun had come out! So more to carry with me next time.

 Anyway I still covered nearly 17km with 390m of ascent. My aim now is to do at least 11 km tomorrow so that I've done the long run distance, albeit over 2 days, but that has the 'running on tired legs' aspect too.

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