Saturday 18 January 2014

Running backwards

Today I took the Round Walk backwards, that's Brincliffe Edge at the beginning rather than at the end. I don't know whether the change of direction or the fairly busy week had an adverse effect, but whatever the reason, the whole route felt very tough, as if it was all uphill! The average pace mirrored the apparent effort being 6:12 min/km which is a little slow for me below 30km now although in fairness, this is my longest single run since mid September's ill-fated 20 miler.

I'm not too upset, it's been a longish week (49km now) including a short run last night, and also the fourth week of over 45km. I think next week should be a bit slacker to allow some additional recovery.

There aren't any photos or videos as the weather was grey and drizzly all the time that I was out and that has an adverse effect on anything. After last week's experience I wore my proper waterproof and was comfortable for most of the run. Occasionally I was too hot and occasionally a little cool (when I needed to slow to a walk) but overall fine.

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