Sunday 12 January 2014

Over two days isn't quite the same as within one

I managed to fit 13km in before lunch today and so I've done 29.8km over the weekend; instead of the 28km-ish I'd hoped to do yesterday. That'll do and gives an experience of consecutive days of running. I didn't take anything with me and that might account for a PB up Limb Valley. As I've seen in the past, just going at a gentle pace can result in the fastest outcomes. This is a very positive observation as it suggests that I wasn't too tired after yesterday.

Importantly todays run means that I've achieved by 45km this week. I think I have mentioned in a recent post that I've had a few pieces of advice recently:

  • 45km per week (in addition to at least 35km walking) isn't a bad goal
  • Try to do this every week, avoid sudden increases that result in injuries
  • Have a goal for each run, perhaps aim for a PB on a section, or to do 1km further, or longer on my legs  

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