Tuesday 19 August 2014

Lunchtime run

Since I'm on holiday today it made sense to do my long run today in the nice weather rather than do it lat on Sunday, possibly in poor weather. As before I kept an eye on my heart rate on ascents and on speed on descents. That inevitably made the pace slow even with a big effort to have a high cadence!

Crossing the Byway below Oxstones
The weather was perfect for a gentle run with a mixture of sun and gentle breeze. The heather on the moor was bright purple from the edge of Sheffield to beyond Hathersage although that doesn't show on the photograph. I ate lunch at the stones but couldn't linger as I was chilling.

My legs coped fairly well but I was aware of discomfort in the left patellar tendon but not too much considering that this is my longest run in months. Indeed it's slightly longer than my plan suggests but not excessively so and I'll do the rest of the week a bit gently.

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