Monday 11 August 2014

Rest week then a new block

So I've brought another block to an end with an appointment at the physio and things are looking OK. A few tight spots on the right leg which is a novelty but range of movement in both is good and no signs of ITB issues. I'd feared that my right ITB was playing up as it did some years ago but I'm assured, if not entirely reassured, that the tight muscles are forcing a bit of rotation that's making a bit of stress. As the physio couldn't elicit pain on either plantar or dorsi flexion of my ankle there's unlikely to be much wrong in the superior tibiofibular joint.

We also discussed gait cues to reduce overstriding whilst running downhill and the key advice was to focus on lifting my heel as I fall forwards. Much like the right hand figure here:

So the next few weeks plan is thus:

Tues: 6km
Thur: 5km - gym trip
Sun: 9km

Tue: 8km
Wed: 5km - gym trip
Sun: 12km

Tue: 8km
Wed: 5km gym trip
Sun: 14km to 15km

Then another active week followed by a rest week. If all is well at this point I'll look at bringing in some more intense aerobic work into the shorter run.

I did go for a swim today and focussed on exhalation and the exit part of the stroke. Despite trying to exhale for a greater portion of the stroke I do have a tendency to hold for a full stroke before exhaling. Some of that is probably due to arm movement and engagement of accessory muscles.

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