Tuesday 19 August 2014

Swimming lesson

Today I had a swimming lesson at Nuffield Health with Emma. It was only half an hour but felt even shorter. The key issues at this stage seem to be rather weak leg action and problems with breathing. So those things are obvious from what I've written before. During the class I had to swim a few lengths with just leg action and breathing. Although movement was slow and the length hard work the key problem was that I wasn't breathing well and needed to pause a few times. Why? I could lift my head at any time and take as big a breath as I wanted but it wasn't enough. Or was I hyperventilating? Emma wanted to know if I got breathless when I run - that's a good question as it might imply an underlying disorder - but no I don't excessively - of course I can run fast enough to become breathless.

As an aside I was timed over 50m and that was just over 1 minute, resulting in a 2 and a bit minute 100m. That's twice as fast as my regular pace.

Over the next week I need to practice a faster, more flexible leg action; ideally try the legs-only breathing exercise and finally just accept the breathing sensation and try to do more continuous lengths.

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