Saturday 29 March 2014

Devil's Elbow path

Today's part in the ongoing rehab of the knee was to be 17km contributing to a week of up to 40km. I planned a slightly shortened version of my Balckamoor half-marathon  which saw me ascend the bridleway to 'Devil's Elbow' on Hathersage Road. I've tried going down it on a bicycle and found that frightening, running up was slow and hard work.

Strava shows that others have run it far faster than I did, indeed the record is amazing. I couldn't follow the footpath across the road and ended up adding a bit of distance to my circuit. During the descent to home I was very careful and walked a few bits in Limb valley to avoid overloading either knee. That was very wise as the total distance was over 18km and I was becoming aware of both knees by the time I was home. But that's OK and resulted in a week total of 45km which is more than I'd planned. Hopefully not too much!

Here's a movie of a descent of the Devil's Elbow path by someone far braver than me.
I also noted that the last two runs were in effect back-to-back so I've undertaken around 25km in the last 24 hours.

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