Saturday 22 March 2014

Short long run

The recovery programme from the physio is that I add 2km to each of my 2 main weekly runs and link this with a weekly increase of 10% - assuming  no problems arise. So today's run was to be 12km achieving a week goal of 31km. Within this, all downhill sections were to be run very gently or even walked if I feel they are steep.

Today I ran up Porter Clough, the usual start of my traditional 'Saturday run' and remembered what a long slog it is. It is very picturesque though.

Looking downhill, good underfoot

My route home was via Limb valley where I had to be very careful not to rush and over stride along the easy descents. I walked for a few hundred metres near Whirlow Hall and was home soon after 09:00. Then I found that I'd done a little over 14km (ie more than the plan) but the knee didn't seem to have objected.

There was nothing magical or even evidence-based about the 2km increment so I just have to hope that 14km will be OK.  

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