Saturday 29 March 2014

Say hello?

This post, more than others is especially trivial! Over the last few weeks I've developed a hypothesis that I'm more likely to get a response to saying hello to a runner if I don't have my trail running rucsac on. Do runners think that trail runners with extra gear are daft? Perhaps we are, what are we training for? The general topic of runners acknowledging each other has a couple of threads online and it might be that there is no need for runners to acknowledge each other; after all I don't speak to everyone I pass whilst walking into work.

A cheery Harley rider in Winnipeg
The topic reminded me of the perennial bikers' topic of 'Why don't Harley riders wave back?' which has a large number of threads with many hypotheses. In this domain there is also the issue of coolness of wave and even why bother?

I suspect that runners aren't formed too much into cliques, more that they either think frequent greetings are pointless or they are so focussed on the next few steps and current pace that they haven't really seen me go past...

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