Sunday 30 March 2014

Manufacturing ethics

Vegans are often aware of ethical purchasing issues but recently my wife has become more interested through a Lent study group. Almost everything we buy in Europe today has been manufactured in China where employment and human rights are poor. I took a quick look online and discovered that my recent show purchases could have been better researched.

From Ethical Consumer today
Quite why Brooks hit the bottom slot in this review is unclear as I'm not a subscriber (yet perhaps?).  A quick scan of the company's website shows quite a bit of policy documentation and another consumer website suggests that Brooks are one of the more ethical manufacturers, but perhaps that's out of date now?

Inov-8's policy is very weak by comparison and occupies just a single webpage screen. A climber's blog suggests that Inov-8 had a strong eco policy in 2006 but that might not extend to its personnel.

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