Wednesday 12 March 2014

The physio and the gym class

I'd managed to get an appointment at the physio just before the runners' circuit class which saved a lot of travelling around. The physio was quite positive which was good to hear. Hopefully it was all true rather than just said to bolster my spirit. The keys points as I recall are:
  • There doesn't seem to be any tears, dislocations or fractures in my right foot after its impact with the stone
  • The sole of the right foot is probably bruised internally and that could easily take another month to heal
  • A dodgy right foot could have added load to the left leg due to a gait alteration
  • Try to run 'normally'
  • The tendons of the left knee are a little inflammed but not badly
  • Tension in the posterior of my leg (hamstrings) will aggravate the condition
All in all I'm probably experiencing the result of some overtraining as:
  • This is the first time that I've done 40km weeks consecutively - trend now broken!
  • My long runs are 2x my faster midweek runs, that is possibly too much, say 1.5x
The outcome is:
  • Continue rollering and physio sessions to minimise tension
  • Practice a very awkward squat with tensed quadriceps, 10x twice daily
  • Avoid long downhill runs for a while
  • Try building up, perhaps 2km further twice a week
  • Don't press for speed and distance
  • Cardiovscular systems adapt faster than middle aged connective tissues
The circuit was OK; I was aware of the left knee tendons in squats and lunges and had to do less than I might have done for fear of strain and pain. It feels like a control issue and the tensed squat is supposed to train for that.

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