Friday 21 March 2014

The Red Shoes

My plan needs 31km to be completed this week but only 12km tomorrow. That meant that I had to run 6km this evening; also a good excuse to take the new shows out for a test.

First time out for the Ravenna

All of the run had to be done gently but on the ascents the shoes felt distinctly firm. I'd expected them to feel a lot plusher but I suppose with my current midfoot strike I don't gain the most from heel foam. Anyway on the descent I could feel the cushioning so long as I weighted more towards my heels. Nonetheless I took it very steady!

I wonder if I've bought ½ a size too small, it's always hard to know. My Inov-8 shoes are 44, my other road shoes are 44.5 and these new ones are 44 so nothing radical there. In all probability they'll slacken with time, or I can wear thinner socks!

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