Sunday 3 January 2016


The (potentially) sprained left ankle was fine during a countryside walk on friday and no trouble walking to and from the pool yesterday. So I decided it was worth a 'test' today. I know that runners are often accused of testing injuries before they are healing so I was very careful and dressed prepared to walk. I went for 2.4km on the local streets with a spot of ascent and descent. The left ankle was fine.

I did notice that the right ankle was irritated by the Ultra 290 shoes that I'd put to one side a few months ago due to their annoying effect.  At home it occurred to me that perhaps the heel lock lacing that I was using to stop the shoe slipping might be making them too tight and thus rub on tendons around the heel on every step. I set the shoe back to ordinary lacing and jogged up and down the street. Although it was avery short trial I don't think the shoe rubbed as much but I did notice the heel being loose. That's no good!

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