Saturday 2 January 2016

October 2015 Week 10 Session 1

I should have done this routine last week as well but had to cut it short as I was meeting my wife for lunch. Today I had no time constraints and that was just as well as it took me nearly 70minutes. The four blocks of 600m each felt fine although I could feel myself tiring. I thought the second set might have been the best but the data show otherwise.

Pace of the 5 sets
There is clearly a gradual loss of pace and the stroke per length table shows the opposite, rising from around 21 initially to 25 or more in the last set. In the third set I tried being really relaxed and not thinking too much about 'feel' and that seemed to give a substantial drop in pace. On the final set I focussed  again, trying to achieve a better time and only lost a few seconds - despite my leaden arms!

I was pleased that my warm-up set was within 3:00min/100m as I've not achieved that in the last few sessions. Don't forget that the step improvement in pace between the first and subsequent sets is due to the pull-buoy.

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