Saturday 23 January 2016

Slowly on Houndkirk Moor

Even though I felt a bit tired I really wanted to do my Saturday long run. To be sensible though I knew it had to be a short long run at under 20km and that I had to go gently.I walked many ascents to keep my heart rate low and walked on the single track across the moor for fear of straining my recovering ankles. The pace ended up as slower than usual but clearly faster than 8min/km ultra pace.

The weather forecast was for a sunny start with rain later and the morning certainly lived up to expectations.

The week's rain was evident in puddles and the softness of the moor leading up to Houndkirk Road. Of course I had wet feet but the well ventilated RocLite 295 shoes let the water out as quickly as they let it in.

I still found that the right ankle area was irritated a little by the shoe and although I removed the lock lacing I was glad to take my shoes off at home. I finding shoe choice a problem at the moment and can't really conclude whether the problem is intrinsic to my ankle or shoe-induced. I suspect that I'd be better returning to size 9 shoes and have tight toes rather than nipped tendons.

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