Monday 4 January 2016

Metric mile swim still improving

I'm wanting to go on an introduction to open water swimming but one of the courses requires that you can swim 1000m without a break (in a pool). Last year I knew that I couldn't although 2 years ago it seemed feasible. For some months my swimming has been done mostly with a pull buoy and lengths without have felt awful. So could I do it?

I was very pleased with the outcome in that I reached 1000m at 30:20 and 1500m at 46:40 giving an average pace of 3:02min/100m. That's pretty consistent. I only stopped because I was running out of time - my form was slipping but I could have lasted longer.

Although I fear that the pull buoy has been a crutch there really is progress. My previous paces for 1500m have been:

05/03/15  3:35min/100m
26/07/14  3:52min/100m (estimated)

I know in these previous attempts that I was pausing to re-catch my breath so I think that a lot of this improvement is due to pacing and effective breathing.

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