Thursday 28 January 2016

Lost data

After work I nipped down to Millhouses Park to try a short 'fast' run as recommended by the physio. She thinks that I need to make a little more power. This is an old route and so I hoped to see how much slower I was than a year or so ago. I thought it went fairly well and didn't struggle too much on the uphill back home.

Unfortunately the FIT file recorded on the watch is absolute rubbish. The locations are not very near here, the altitude is fiction and the pace what better than I could manage. The heart rate might be about right though! I've looked at the file as a cvs file after converting it (FIT repair tool) and I really can't see how it can be tidying. There aren't any obvious glitches. It's just wrong...

I wonder this has something to do with it. Maybe the ephemeris data is corrupt? It can't be 'real time' data error as the old satellite is offline.

From itnews
I'll just to have note that I did my best and try again in a week or so. The issue now is whether the watch is at all trust worth. I'll have to take the HOLUX out next time and that was a bit reluctant a few months ago in Spain.

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