Thursday 28 January 2016

January 2016 Week 1 Session 3

After some long days at work I managed to leave early today and reached the pool while it was quiet. The staff were taking the opportunity to top it up so one end was bitterly cold! Oh well, it stopped me lingering.

The warm up was another PB at 5:29mins so I've broken another barrier. Maybe I'll take a step back next time but at least I know it's possible for me.  The training sets were a new approach with a 400m set followed by alternate slow and fast lengths. I experienced the usual loss of pace across the session but the underlying pace was good. In the first fast/slow block I managed 6 out of 10 'fast' lengths at under 2:10min/100m pace but could only manage 2:12min/100m in the second block twice.

An interesting observation is that as I started the second 400m I thought I was being lazy and so tried to increase the effort. The net result was that I was slower and with more strokes per length that in the first set. Was this due to more, ineffective, effort or simply a compensation for tiredness?

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