Wednesday 11 May 2016

A sign of recovery?

Over the last few weeks, as I've felt able to run again I've noticed  that my knees and ankles giving the impression that they are improving. At circuits the lunges and squats have been tiring but not unpleasant. There's been the odd awareness of irritation but nothing more and only transient. Likewise my right ankle is clearly not 100% but it's coped with fast runs, long runs and gym work without being worse at the end than it was at the outset. Both of these behaviours are signs of improvement.

On the run to circuits I've felt able to go a little  faster with a bit more power and this has been helped by the lighter evenings making it easier to avoid potholes in the pavements. The Strava data above show that I have been achieving better pace for the last few weeks and indeed this evening was my fastest ever.

Now I must be careful not to do too much...

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