Wednesday 25 May 2016

April 2016 Week 3 Session 2

I managed to keep count of the sets today and so completed session 2 correctly. I'd hoped that the 'fast' lengths would be faster than 2:00min/100m but the best I managed was 2:01min/100m pace for a single length. Really I couldn't have expected more as it's quite a long routine and I have to keep going for over an hour. This isn't an 8 minute time trial! Even on the last fast length I managed 2:06min/100m pace which is a few seconds better than last week - and after greater distance.

SWOLF against swims
Just to look at longitudinal gains I've plotted SWOLF for the last 100 swims and there's a clear downwards gradient. The early sessions had fins and all sorts of things to disturb consistency and there are short pools and other oddments that I've not bothered to edit out.  Certainly over the last 50 events almost all swims have been with the pull buoy and if anything this is where the pattern is clearest.

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