Monday 23 May 2016

Are you training for an ironman?

This was surprise question for me as I left the pool feeling very weary. The questioner was half my age and a little bit faster although he seemed to take more breaks. He claimed to have done 100 lengths but I'd only done a few more than that and was going more consistently. Anyway I assured him that I wasn't, just learning really.

The long session was hard today and although I'd hoped to go a bit faster I ended on the same average speed for the last set that I did in Week 2. I was clearly faster throughout than in Week 1 with a good warm up pace. Perhaps only managing one swim last week has spoilt my consistency? I was thinking that a few months (28th January 2016) ago I was thrilled to beat the 5:30min barrier for the warm up 200m whereas now I'm eyeing up 5:00min. The last few sessions have been less than 5:10min so it's looking feasible to be broken within this 12 week programme.

Reasonably consistent pacing

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