Saturday 21 May 2016

Going slow

This morning's run brings the week's total to just over 30km which is still feeling a struggle after my enforced break early in 2016. I focussed on a gentle approach and watched my heart rate quite closely which is shown by the data.

 I was succesful in my plan to have maximum heart rate of around 140bpm and walked a number of the steeper ascents. Of course the result of this attention was a slow run, actually the slowest I've ever done this particular loop.

It's notable that in 2013 I was quite a bit faster. I don't think this was due to being 3 years younger or better fitness, more that I wasn't so aware training zone. I'll bet that I worked hard on that run, it was the first time I'd done the 'Blacka half' and I took a day off work to do it. I wasn't wearing the heart rate monitor, and didn't document how I felt, so we'll never know!

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