Sunday 29 May 2016

April 2016 Week 4 Session 1

I arrived at the pool feeling slightly overfill from breakfast and rather lethargic as I'd driven there rather than walked (I had a parcel to collect...). The warm-up was the slowest in ages which isn't all that surprising and each length felt hard work I could feel the tiredness in my legs from yesterday's run and they seemed more 'sink' than usual.

Anyway, once I got started on the main routine with the pull buoy things felt better. The watch and I managed to lose count a few times so I ended up doing a few extra lengths. My pacing was good although it is surprising how varied my strokes per length figures are in view of the regular pace.

Some of the higher stroke counts are related to adjusting to other swimmers in the pool and also just moving my arms differently to ease muscle tiredness. I can tell I've improved since week 1 as the first time I did this set I struggled to finish whereas today I pulled out some extra power to overtake someone - that was recorded at a sub 2:00min/100m pace!

Generally a satisfactory outcome considering that this has been a hard week of swimming (and running).

Four swims this week, a record distance

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