Saturday 14 May 2016

Too fast, too soon, too tired

I've not been up Porter Clough in months and that's a pity as it's lovely and a good training ascent. The descent to Hunter's Bar and ascent on the path to Forge Dam can be a bit dull but today I chanced upon a work colleague so I had company through the park.

Grade adjusted pace
I didn't focus enough on my pace and/or heart rate and worked too hard on the climb to Ringinglow. Although I wanted a training effect I didn't intend to tire myself out. That is what seemed to happen as the run felt very hard work by the time I was nearly back home and that's shown by the gradual loss of pace.

The descent off Blackamoor was hard under foot. On the ascent the stones aren't so irritating but with tired legs landing on them they felt hazardous. Also my right ankle became a bit sensitive during the run. Actually it had felt a but stiff when I set off from home but during the first half of the run it improved, only becoming a nuisance on the descent. On Blackamoor I spotted 2 deer which might have been the one pictured here.

The weather was lovely for running, cool and sunny
Looking back at my data, today's run was 300m more than last week's although a little less ascent. That really surprises me as I'd expected that including the climb from Hunter's Bar would add to the ascent considerably.

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