Sunday 1 June 2014

Exercise 4.3

I'm just back from a lap in the woods, as last week, walking briskly downhill and running level and uphill. It went well, I was aware of a vague sensation around the left patellar tendon but no twinges. Once thing I did notice was that my left foot seems to drop onto the ground far more than the right, it's noisier and more clumsy. I even think that I can tell that there is less energy absorption in the foot. I tried to 'run like a ninja', even so, the left was trying to crash down on every step. As before I was making an effort not to cross my feet and on the lookout for scraping my lefty calf with right heel - I've read somewhere that this is a sign of hip weakness. This is all beginning to feel a little like swimming - having to think about every foot strike - how hard can it be to run?

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