Tuesday 24 June 2014

Exercise 7.5

The physio has advised me to try to ignore the plethora of small niggles that I'm now aware of. She believes that there can be an element of hyperaesthesia and theories for that are touched on in a review article. Ignoring pain can be hard as I'm very conscious of overdoing things and having to stepback. This evening my legs felt pretty good and so it was appropriate to do the run around the woods, 7km with a few easy ascents and descents. As before I walked the steep descents but I did run some parts of the shallow slopes, a little more than in previous weeks.

At one point I did feel a slight soreness in the left quadriceps tendon and by the time I was home I was aware of the right. So both legs had made themselves evident. Overall though I don't think anything has been disrupted. Half way around the loop I thought that I could have gone far further but later on I knew that it was enough. I'm finding the high cadence and light-footed gait to be hard work both aerobically and to my muscles. It was especially hard to be light on my left foot which has a habit of slapping down unless I'm thinking about it very hard.

I was too tired generally an in my legs to do the strengthening exercises but I did do rollering and stretches.

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