Saturday 7 June 2014

Exercise 5.2

This morning's swim was hard work, slow and tough. Each length was a little longer than I hoped it would be and I wanted a breather after every one. I suspect that I started too soon after breakfast. In previous weeks I thought the pool opened at 09:00 and so I waited at a coffee shop for half an hour before the swim. Today I walked straight there and my stomach did feel heavy. Also I was trying to use the 'over a barrel' approach to a long arm reach and I'm finding that more demanding than the lazy stroke I'd adopted a few weeks ago.

After a coffee and rest I did my physio-recommended exercises of 2 full sets of 20 squats, 10 single leg step-ups and 6 very small pylometric jumps. I followed up with stretches but struggled with the hip flexor as usual. It's obviously less tight than the quadriceps!

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