Monday 21 July 2014

1 hour swim

This evening was my longest swim, a few seconds over an hour. Even though it was a KES class I still did my longest distance too at 1.3km. Most of the class was looking at entry and catch element of the stroke. As I wrote a while ago it seems that I was over-reaching so that my elbow was often entering the water with my hand rather than after. This is all part of the 'over the barrel' action I keep hearing about. If I lead with my little finger it seems that I achieve the sort of entry required. Notably it does make the reach shorter after these weeks of being encouraged to go long. It's not easy to know where I'm going sometimes.

Additionally I've been trying to be a little taller, looking up the pool a bit and trying to integrate a shoulder roll to each stroke as well as into the breathing stroke. Some of the lengths went very well, but as I've noted before, that is associated with more muscle power and more fatigue.

I made an effort to finish with 3 lengths separated by only brief pauses although I was aware that they were getting progressively more scrappy!

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