Sunday 13 July 2014

Exercise 10.3

This is the end of my third week with a goal of 20km per week. This evening I went a little further than intended at 10.1km. I'd aimed for a road run of 8km but hadn't checked the route before setting off. It was a shortcut of a 12km loop and so I suppose that it came as I should have expected. I had planned  a road loop as a change from the woods; although they are picturesque I've done the same loop 4 times a week for the last few weeks. Road is less forgiving from an impact perspective but there aren't as many obstacles underfoot to negotiate. More important than the 10km threshold is that I ran the first 6km without a stop. I probably could have gone a bit further but I was on a descent that was longer than I'd anticipated so thought it wise to walk.

I've done my rollering but need to do a few stretches before bed. Tomorrow will be the test of how well I'm recovering. If all is well, that will have been an increase of around 10% each of the last 3 weeks which is probably a fair limit. I think next week should be a stop back, perhaps 15km with maybe a little bit of faster work. I'll see what the physio recommends tomorrow.

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