Saturday 5 July 2014

Exercise 9.2

This morning's swim was much as before although I feel that a fair quality style is becoming more habitual now. Unfortunately I'm still taking 5s breathers between lengths. I really must make an effort to break that.

I walked home via a few camping shops to look into simple stoves. I've used a MSR Whisperlite for years, mostly because it makes sense to use a petrol stove when your camping with a motorbike, but my wife isn't keen on the lighting procedure. A high output gas burner looks like a good bet. It even seems that the ISO screw versus Camping Gaz clip-on issue is readily solved by a simple adapter. Anyway, the detour added some walking and standing around to my usual saturday routine and both left and right knees complained quietly at different times in the journey. As the irritation was transient from both I can't think it was much.

After some gardening this afternoon they are both feeling a little tired. Overall things are looking OK and a run still looks to be reasonable tomorrow.

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