Saturday 26 July 2014

Metric mile

There wasn't a children's class at the Goodwin pool this morning so there were 4 lanes available. However there appeared to be more adult swimmers than usual so it was just as choppy. I made my usual stiff start and gradually relaxed, especially after about 40 minutes as people started to leave. That made the water a little flatter and it gave me the impetus to do a few more lengths. As I reached 35 lengths I thought that it would be a great idea to swim for the hour and maybe reach 1500m (spot the slow speed!) I managed to do the 1500m just under the hour and decided to stop at that point. As before, there were gaps between lengths although they felt to reduce as I went along.

Plot of duration of length (including gaps) for consecutive lengths

This chart does suggest that my pace does have a trend to increase during the session. I think that as I get tired I don't even try to push on and so I don't feel that I need a break. It was probably helped by other swimmers leaving and the water flattening.

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