Sunday 20 July 2014

Rest week

This is the 4th week in what I hope will become a routine cycle of 4 weeks. I had increased by 10% for 3 weeks up to 23km and this week was to drop back 20% to 18km. Anyway, I won't have time to do a few more km this evening so I'll have to  make do with 15km. I have cut the grass (push lawnmower) and been for a 7km walk so it's not been an idle day. I am aware of the left knee a little but nothing marked. Tomorrow is a swimming day so there's still 48 hours of recovery before the next run.

Over the coming week the plan is to aim for a weekly total somewhere around 23km and then to step up 10% over 3 weeks. I must make sure that my 'long' run doesn't start to get more than 1.5x greater than other runs during the week. I have to make an effort not to bother about pace (whilst maintaining cadence) and feel free to walk descents and possibly even include programmed walks on the longer runs. My putative plan is thus:

Tue: 7km
Wed: 5km - gym trip
Sun: 11km

Tue: 8km
Wed: 5km - gym trip
Sun: 12km

Tue: 9km
Wed: 5km - gym trip
Sun: 13km

If that all goes well then there will be a 4th rest week with 21km max.

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