Monday 14 July 2014

Exercise 10.4

Not a lot to take away from the session with the physio this evening except that she feels the knees are improving. We agreed to take a step back to 18km this week with a 3 week step forwards to perhaps 25km thereafter. Also to not make an effort to be faster. We had a short discussion about how to integrate strength exercises - the same as a running day or inbetween? When does the rest day occur?

At swimming I focussed on technique again and the issue was a flick on my left hand when completing the stroke. I think I'd started doing that to ensure that I did complete it! With a bit of concentration I was able to complete tidily with both arms and then enter the water smoothly. The instructors made a point of praising this success. As I've noted before, the first lengths are stiff, then I relax and things go well and then I'm tired as the end of the class approaches. Hopefully if I've managed to achieve some good lengths I can work on making them more frequent.

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