Thursday 31 July 2014

Hard work

On the way to circuits last night I was concerned about my left patellar tendon but by this morning the right was the sore one! It can't have been anything serious as it was fine by the time I reached work and didn't trouble me during the day. I worked out that I have run 23km, my week's quota, in 4 days. I ould do with reallocating my sessions somewhat.

Late in the afternoon I went for a swim. Today I was focussing as usual on the exit of my hand but also trying to exhale for a greater percentage of the time and look a little backwards when inhaling. I didn't worry about taking slightly longer rests between each length. Some lengths felt to go very well, others were a bit scrappy. After 38 lengths I was clearly tired as I was losing form and finding breathing harder to accomplish so it was time to stop.

Finally, although I have mentioned that I must be cautious of aiming for Strava gongs I am pleased to reach one as it shows that I must be getting back on track.

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