Sunday 18 May 2014

Exercise 2.4

It's still looking like summer and we did the Devil's Elbow route as a hike (18.7km) including two stops at pubs  - just soft drinks. While at Accelerate last week I bought some Mountain King Trail Blaze poles to support my legs (some supportive words about this model here). Of course there are online shops doing them a little cheaper but I wanted to try out a few lengths and that's the great thing about traditional retailers. Poles made in UK too.

I've always been reluctant to walk with poles as they're something else to trip over but there is a fair bit of evidence, albeit of low quality, that they improve efficiency and reduce leg loading. I didn't find them too much trouble and suspect that I was a little faster going. Hopefully I won't have painful arms tomorrow. The knees feel OK, not perfect, but OK. I think long term they'll stay at home or in the pack, but for now they, and my upper body muscles, can help my delicate knees.

Later I managed 1 set of 10 step descents, a very small niggle was present in the right quadriceps tendon area. Discretion suggested best not to try a second set after a hill walk.

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