Thursday 29 May 2014

Exercise 3.7

I managed a good swim at lunchtime today and feel that I maintained fairly neat form. After work I had my monthly back and shoulder massage - mostly that's to keep work-induced stiffness in check, but today there was lower back ache from back extension exercises at the gym. Now I've just done a basic set of rollering and stretches. Even though yesterday was quite tough on my knees they've felt OK today, just a little issue with the right patellar tendon. So not right, but going in the right direction.


  1. Adrian
    I haven't looked at your blog for ages and I'm now very impressed about how serious its getting. 100km!! How long would that take? If its not too intrusive, how long is it til your 50th?

    1. My goal was sub 14 hour. Unfortunately it's less than 3 months away now and with the troublesome injury I can't see me achieving it. At New Year it looked feasible. I'm now thinking 50km will be the most I can make (probably the physio will tell me it'll take longer to regain strength by then) and will have to follow that with 100km.