Sunday, 25 May 2014

Exercise 3.3

I woke up with muscle aches in my shoulders, at least I'm hoping it's just fatigue and slight overload, from yesterday's swim. Most of the day has been wet, and although that's no excuse not to go out I had plenty else to get on with. Late  afternoon I rollered and as the evening came it was dry and a short run seemed in order. I decided that the rain would have made the paths in the woods a bit softer so that would be healthier than road, so long as I walked all of the descents.

Playing with  burst mode on the camera
I also made a point of checking my cadence a few times and I'm getting into the hang of 180 steps/minute. It feels very rushed! I also tried to keep my feet either side of an imaginary line to avoid my slight cross-over gait. As well as that I was aiming to keep a mid to fore foot strike and drive from my glutes with soft feet

Of course there was rollering and stretches to do at home. Hopefully I won't feel injured tomorrow.

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