Tuesday 27 May 2014

Exercise 3.5

By the time I'd walked downstairs to make breakfast I knew that my quads were tender and my left knee a little rough. It would be wrong to say that it was painful, just rather grumbling. During the day both knees have been fine despite going up and down stair a myriad times and on only one occasion did I detect a twinge. The consecutive run/walk and hike have clearly irritated them a little and I hope another night' sleep will give a bit of resolution.

I had hoped to fit in a swim today as yesterday's class was cancelled due to it being a Bank Holiday. It didn't work out though as I had too much work on and didn't manage to leave on time, by which point I suspected that the university pool would be busy.

Now I must make sure that I do the rollering and stretches. No strengthening exercises though as I think they've had enough trauma for now.

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