Saturday 24 May 2014

Exercise 3.2

During the walk to the swimming pool I could feel a bit of tenderness somewhere to the side of the left patellar tendon, but not quite ITB soreness. It did seem to fade for the walk home. Swimming went alright, I made quite an effort to start and complete the stroke and this did feel to increase speed but taking a bit more effort. I didn't manage to join the lengths together partly because I was feeling lazy and used the excuse of 'keeping good form' to take pauses and also because the lane contained swimmers of varied speed and it was hard not to be either catching up someone or  blocking another. I was less bothered about blocking than the former as faster swimmers could chose to pass or go in the faster lane.

Even though some of the pauses to let people pass were quite long the overall pace was fairly good which implies that the swum lengths were a little faster than some sessions.

In the evening I did 1 set of 20 each of slow squats, clam and donkey kick followed by rollering and stretches. Just at the end of the squats there was a spot of tenderness around the insertion of my left quad, but very mild.

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